Kubernetes - create a cluster with one line

Create a Kubernetes managed Cluster on Google GCP with one line of code !!Be Careful: running ths may incur costs on your project - make sure to delete the resources when finished!! prerequisits A project with Kubernetes API enabled GCP CLI installed An environment variable CLUSTER_NAME defined with the name of the cluster Compute/Region set in project configuration to your preferred Region default VPC in place. gcloud config set compute/zone <preferred-region> PROJECT_ID=$(gcloud config get-value project) CLUSTER_NAME=<cluster-name> The Code : gcloud beta container clusters create $CLUSTER_NAME \ --cluster-version=latest \ --machine-type=e2-standard-4 \ --enable-autoscaling \ --min-nodes=1 \ --max-nodes=3 \ --num-nodes=1 Get Credentials gcloud container sclusters get-credentials $CLUSTER_NAME Check pods...

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kubernetes nodes setup

Start scripts for kubernetes native nodes These statup scripts require a UBUNTU 20.04 LTS base image! If you want to use Ubuntun 22.04 LTS, exchange for the kubenretes part ‘xenial’ with ‘jummy’. Script for the master node on AWS #!/bin/bash # Load necessary kernel modules for containerd cat << EOF | sudo tee /etc/modules-load.d/containerd.conf overlay br_netfilter EOF sudo modprobe overlay sudo modprobe br_netfilter # Configure kernel networking requirements for Kubernetes cat << EOF | sudo tee /etc/sysctl....

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AWS multiple accounts profiles with cli/terraform

AWS multiple accounts/profiles If you’re working with multiple AWS accounts or environments, using named profiles with the AWS CLI can be very handy. Named profiles are configurations of AWS access keys, secret keys, and default regions. Here’s how you can set up and use multiple profiles: Setting Up Multiple Profiles You can add profiles directly to your AWS configuration file (~/.aws/config) and your credentials file (~/.aws/credentials). Here’s an example for ~/....

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Azure AI Applied AI Services

Azure Applied AI Services Azure Metrics Advisor Analyze your business performance data and detect anomalies. Azure Cognitive Search Enrich data in your search indexes by using AI to analyze vision, language, and speech in content. Azure Immersive Reader Improve access to your web applications for new readers, language learners, and people with learning differences, such as dyslexia. Azure Bot Service Create bots that can converse with your customers and partners and respond to their queries....

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Azure AutoML process

Azure - AutoML Process Process Prepare data Train model Evaluate performance Deploy a predictive service Prepare Data Import data from Azure storage Local files SQL databases Web files Azure Open Datasets Train model Classification (predicting categories or classes) Regression (predicting numeric values ) Time series forecasting (predicting numeric values at a future point in time) Natural language processing Computer vision Evaluate performance Cross validation RMSE (Root Mean Squared Error) NRMSE (Normalized Root Mean Squared Error) Residual History Predicted vs True chart Deploy Azure Container Instances (ACI) Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

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