Overview about actual AI and ML Services on Amazon AWS (September 2023)

Amazon SageMakerA managed machine learning (ML) service that helps data scientists and developers build, train, deploy, and manage ML models.
Amazon RekognitionAn image and video analysis service that provides facial recognition, object detection, scene detection, and image classification capabilities.
Amazon ComprehendA natural language processing (NLP) service that provides text analysis, sentiment analysis, entity extraction, and topic modeling capabilities.
Amazon PollyA text-to-speech (TTS) service that converts text into lifelike speech.
Amazon LexA chatbot building service that allows developers to build conversational AI applications.
Amazon PersonalizeA recommendation and personalization service that helps developers create personalized experiences for their customers.
Amazon TranslateA machine translation service that translates text from one language to another.
Amazon TranscribeA speech-to-text (STT) service that converts speech into text.
Amazon Comprehend MedicalAn NLP service that provides medical text analysis, such as entity extraction and sentiment analysis, for healthcare data.
Amazon ForecastA forecasting service that uses machine learning to predict future outcomes.
Amazon Fraud DetectorA fraud detection service that uses machine learning to identify fraudulent transactions.
Amazon Rekognition Custom LabelsA service that allows developers to create custom labels for Amazon Rekognition.
Amazon Personalize Custom EventsA service that allows developers to create custom events for Amazon Personalize.
Amazon Forecast Custom ModelsA service that allows developers to create custom forecasting models for Amazon Forecast.
Amazon Fraud Detector Custom ModelsA service that allows developers to create custom fraud detection models for Amazon Fraud Detector.

Additional services:

Amazon SageMaker Ground TruthA managed data labeling service that helps developers label data for machine learning models.
Amazon SageMaker NeoA runtime environment that helps developers deploy machine learning models to mobile devices and edge devices.
Amazon SageMaker Model MonitorA service that helps developers monitor the performance of their machine learning models in production.
Amazon SageMaker AutopilotA managed machine learning service that automates the machine learning process, from data preparation to model deployment.
Amazon SageMaker StudioAn integrated development environment (IDE) for machine learning that provides a single interface for data scientists and developers to build, train, and deploy machine learning models.

Remark: This list list shows only services which are general available (GA). Services in preview are not listet here.